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Applying an ACT Framework to Supervision

Board Approved Supervision Masterclass

  • Starts 6 Sept
  • 440 Australian dollars
  • Online via Zoom

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This is a one day Board Approved Supervision Masterclass which allows participants to recognise, develop and apply the foundational principals of ACT and psychological flexibility within the context of a supervisory relationship. The ACT model is a well-established therapeutic modality which has been applied across disciplines and clinical presentations with high efficacy. In using ACT, the goal is to bolster psychological flexibility, and engages six key processes to do so- present focus, values, committed action, self as context, acceptance and defusion. For ACT practitioners, there are identified stages of learning, each requiring specific and tailored supervision. Initially, clinicians will be focused on the application of experiential ideas and concepts, with a focus on specific aspects of the six core components as listed above. As clinicians progress, they will likely begin to explore more of the complex concepts, and furthermore begin to apply a more holistic and comprehensive lens to their formulations and processes. Finally, clinicians apply all of the core components and the overarching work around psychological flexibility not only in their application of specific therapeutic outcomes, but in all of their therapeutic approach. Each stage of this process requires specific supervision and oversight. In order to provide appropriate supervision, a supervisor must have an understanding not only of ACT, but an awareness of the components where supervisees are likely to find difficulties in navigating ACT congruence. This includes work around therapeutic constructs (which in themselves may not be ACT unique) including process factors, context vs content and the therapist’s self in the room. The Masterclass will provide the following; • An exploration of the ACT framework and the alignment with supervision processes. • Mapping of the ACT framework onto the Supervision Competencies and how these can be applied. • How to run ACT congruent supervision - set up and ongoing processes • How to support the supervisee in assessing and formulating a client from an ACT perspective as an iterative process. • Implementing reflective practice from an ACT perspective. • Troubleshooting ACT in supervision including awareness of issues and concerns around managing process/context/content issues and treatment fidelity.

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